A new chapter for Everly Mag

Hi—Katherine Hammer here.

Since 2018, Everly Mag has flourished as a media brand for tweens and teens. I had a fabulous time interviewing actors, singers, authors, activists and influencers. I loved running our Everly Ambassador Program where I met and connected teen girls around the world. Whether I was working on a contest, designing a program or answering an Instagram message, I loved knowing that through Everly Mag, I had created and curated a community of kindness and positivity—especially online, where hate, trolling and bullying are unfortunately far too common.

I didn’t anticipate how prescient my “passion project” would be. The world of digital media has only grown since Everly Mag started. Up-and-coming young stars I once featured—from Emily Skinner to Mads Lewis, Nia Sioux to Gavin Magnus, Sofie Dossi to Siena Agudong—are now full-blown celebrities. My interns, leaders and ambassadors have grown into college students and young professionals with exciting career paths ahead for them. And, of course, our whole world has gone virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I never would’ve anticipated that a virtual community could mean so much.

I’ve grown, too. I’ve missed you all lots—but my community has widened and strengthened through these years. When I ran Everly Mag, I loved being a leader, but I also recognized that I had a lot to learn. I wanted to be a creator and didn’t feel ready to be an entrepreneur. So I took my creative talents to the job market. For a year and a half, I freelanced with Brat TV—working on editorial and audience development content. Working for Brat was a dream for me, and I had an incredible time there.

In 2019, I started working at Girls’ Life Magazine. I quickly fell in love with the job and in the year and a half since, I’ve grown to Digital Director at GL. I am the executive editor of girlslife.com and run our influencer and intern programs. I love working for GL and can’t wait to do more! (Note: For Girls’ Life queries or if you want to be my intern, reach out katherine@girlslife.com.)

Oh, and one more thing: I have a baby girl. I am having the best time watching her grow and watching myself grow in turn. On Everly Mag, I’ll be bringing you parenting content—from my go-to products to my honest reflections. I hope to use Everly Mag as a platform where I can continue to grow and build a community, now as a mom.

Keep up with my work on Instagram. Send me an email. Reach out. This community is always here for you, for me, and for anyone who wants to spread kindness and become their best self. Thanks for stopping by.




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