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Interview: Actress and Singer Ruby Jay

At just 13 years old, teen actress and singer Ruby Jay has already started on her path to stardom.  With over 500,000 Instagram followers tuning in to see her model, act, sing, and hang out with her friends, Ruby’s used her platform to spread a message of kindness and positivity. With a fashion-forward, be-yourself style […]

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Celebrities, Inspiration, Interview, music, Musical.ly, Singer, Social Media, teen, Tween, YouTube

Interview: Teen Singer Mason Coutinho

To his teen and tween fans, Mason Coutinho is magnetic. The 13-year-old Australian singer, who was discovered through social media apps Instagram and Musical.ly, releases his long-awaited EP, “Magnetic.” in March 2018.  Mason’s second single, “Counting Down to You,” was released on February 26. With over 100,000 Instagram followers, Mason continues to enchant listeners and […]

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