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Meet our Founder


Katherine is the creator, writer, and editor of Everly Mag. As a passionate writer and educator, Katherine wanted to create a space for teens and tweens to connect over age-appropriate and positive entertainment and lifestyle content.

Raised in the Northeast and currently living in the South, she is a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University, where she received a Bachelor’s of English and a Master’s of Education degree.

Katherine is an everyday Instagram user and YouTube watcher. Inspired by media brands like Famous Birthdays, Brat, Sweety High, and Positively Social, Katherine noticed a multitude of brand-new teen/tween role models and entertainment platforms. These young up-and-comers have avid fan bases that  have connected teens and tweens throughout social media, but lack an official and monitored reporting network to connect with their fans in an authentic and positive setting.


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Many readers – teens, tweens, teachers, and parents – have asked:

  • Where can teens and tweens connect over their favorite celebrities, hobbies, and media content?
  • Who can create professional, official interview content for rising social media stars?
  • How can a teen/tween Internet platform be adult-monitored, safe, kind, and empowering?
  • How can teens and tweens use social media to become more resilient, grow their professional networking skills, and take on leadership in their age group?

The answer?  Everly Mag.  

Join Katherine on the Everly Mag journey on the blog and on Instagram.