Summer 2018 Leaders

The Summer 2018 Leadership Program is a way for Everly Mag Ambassadors to get even more involved in the brand.

These talented teens have immersed themselves in the world of Everly Mag for at least a month, completed an intensive application, and are eager to contribute to help us grow and strengthen our publication, media, programming, and more!

From April to July 2018, the leaders will be helping with either writing, ambassador programming, or social media, and learning the ins and outs of working within a small business.  We’re so happy to have this incredible group on our Everly team!

Get to know our leaders below.

Writing Leaders

Meet Emily:


Emily, 17, is a rising freshman at Columbia University. She is making the move to New York City from North Carolina and is ready to live a Gossip Girl-inspired life! Emily enjoys activism within her community, including volunteer work and political causes. Additionally, she loves fashion, and had the chance to help out backstage at Charlotte Fashion Week last September! Her current favorites include the New York-based novel Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, music by Billie Eilish, and always, The Office.  Emily looks forward to majoring in political science and exploring journalism, as well as the possibility of law school later on. One fun fact about Emily is that she spent a week staying at Oxford University with other high schoolers from all around the globe, meeting passionate peers from South Africa, India, Australia, and more! Emily loves Everly Mag’s promotion of positive role models and the message that teens can do anything they set their mind to.

Meet Elisabeth:


Elisabeth, 14, is an actress as well as an aspiring freelance writer and photographer from Florida.  Her free time is spent at community theatre, rehearsing and performing musicals for her town, or taking photos of nature and people.  She loves the movie The Wizard of Oz, the book A Child Called It, and the television series The Fosters.  She wants to be a performer, a journalist, and a photographer when she grows up (who says you can’t have 3 jobs?!).  She also has an immense love for her cat, Cleo.  Elisabeth loves how Everly Mag inspires young people to do extraordinary things and encourages them to be themselves.

Meet Jaidyn:


Jaidyn, 14, is an aspiring journalist from Arizona.  She spends a lot of her time watching YouTube and many different shows. Some of her favorites are Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and The Office, just to name a few. On YouTube, she watches all sorts of makeup tutorials. Her goal is to become a celebrity makeup artist. The reason she joined the Everly Mag community was to get involved in a positive space that is accessible to many. She loves how teens from all over can connect and talk about their shared interests in a peaceful and safe place.

Meet Eunseo:

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Eunseo, 15, is an avid reader from Washington State.  In her free time, she is an avid swimmer and consumer of ice cream.  Her favorite books are anything by Kasie West!  When she grows up, she wants to be an entrepreneur and design specialist.  Eunseo loves dogs and is (hopefully) getting one soon!

Meet Isabelle:


Isabelle, 16, is from the United Kingdom.  She enjoys rowing and playing music along with reading books, gaming, and spending time with her friends. Her favorite book is Gone with the Wind because it’s about early feminism and the most awesome female strong character.  Her favorite movie is Legally Blonde because who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon?  Everly Mag is awesome because it spreads positivity.  Isabelle can’t wait to work with Everly Mag to spread positivity to teens, including LGBTQ+ positivity and inclusivity, and getting teens into science and math.  In the future, Isabelle wants to be a physicist working as an international researcher. Fun fact: she speaks French!

Meet Kathryn:


Kathryn, 15, is from Virginia.  She enjoys reading, singing, and dancing.  She enjoys reading the book The Book Thief, and watching The Greatest Showman and Glee.  Kathryn memorizes random facts just in case she ever needs them!  When Kathryn grows up, she wants to be a therapist or a dance teacher. Kathryn enjoys how Everly Mag works to spread positivity in fun and creative ways.  Enjoy this picture of her new puppy!

Meet Anna:


Anna, 16, is an aspiring journalist and award-winning volunteer from Kent in England.  . She is passionate about volunteering and works with multiple charities such as the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and Childline as an Ambassador, as well as being a Journalist for First News. She recently won the Childhood Champion Award for Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year for London and the South East! In her free time, Anna loves to read, write, and watch films. Her favorite book is Nancy’s War by Anna Baker, and her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman.   Anna loves Everly Mag because she is extremely enthusiastic about everything that it stands for. She believes that a brand that promotes positivity and kindness online is something that is crucial in this day and age. Whilst Anna is uncertain of what she wants to be when she is older, she knows that whatever career path she takes, the forefront of her career will be making a positive impact on other people’s lives, thus making a difference in the world – for the better.

Meet Jenni:


Jenni, 17, is from Utah.  In her spare time, she likes to play the piano, violin, and tennis. She loves that Everly Mag emphasizes positivity and empowerment through social media. Her favorite book is Fallen by Lauren Kate. Her favorite movie is Titanic. Her favorite TV shows are Vampire Diaries and Jane the Virgin. She’s studying to become a Pediatrician, specializing in family medicine. A fun fact about Jenni is that she competes in pageants.

Meet Mikayla:


Mikayla, 16, is from Ontario, Canada.  She loves sports, especially hockey and baseball. She also enjoys listening to music, country music being her favorite.  Her favorite TV shows are Grey’s Anatomy,  Big Brother, and Glee. When Mikayla finishes her post-secondary education, she plans to pursue a career in the sports industry. She is interested in sports media and journalism and sports management. In her spare time, Mikayla enjoys playing hockey, watching sports and being with her friends and teammates. Mikayla loves Everly Mag because seeing their positivity on social media always brightens her mood and she admires their dedication to empower young people.

Meet Sarah:


Sarah, 14, is an aspiring journalist who loves to write. Sarah is from Georgia, and her favorite things to do are color guard, writing, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite book series is The Selection by Kiera Cass and her favorite TV show is Friends. The reason she loves Everly Mag is because it values amazing traits and puts girls in the spotlight. When she grows up she would like to be a journalist and photojournalist. Her dream is to work for National Geographic or Vogue. One fun fact about her is that she can play the ukulele and flute.

Meet Tina:


Tina, 15, is a Canadian high school student and a full-time dreamer.  As an immigrant and Miss Teenage British Columbia 2017, Tina actively crusades for multiculturalism and female empowerment. She loves to unwind with a good book, but is always keen for adventure. She joined Everly Mag because it corresponds with her core values: spreading positivity and establishing meaningful connections between people. Tina aspires to be a human rights activist in the near future. One of her primary interests is competitive debate.  She loves to explore and debate about different political, social, and economic concepts, because it riddles her mind with progressive ideas on how to make an impact.

Ambassador Leaders

Meet Kaitlyn:


Kaitlyn, 15, has some big dreams and is working hard to make them happen! An aspiring pediatric surgeon, she is devoted to Everly Mag’s morals as well as the idea that young people are capable of anything they can imagine!  Kaitlyn dances in her free time, and is on her school’s winter-guard team. She is based in New Jersey and her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. Always humming the tune of something, Kaitlyn is an absolute music lover and does not discriminate in genre! Overall, Kaitlyn is thrilled to be an Ambassador Leader and can’t wait to begin the summer program!

Meet Eilidh:


Eilidh, 15, is from Scotland and she loves to dance, act, and perform!  Her favorite TV show is Stranger Things.  When she grows up, she wants to be a forensic scientist.  Eilidh loves Everly Mag because it’s an amazing way to help teenagers understand why positivity is so important!  Fun fact: She is in a dance group called The Royals!

Meet Georgia:


Georgia, 15, is an aspiring youth activist from Kent, England, UK.  She thoroughly enjoys dance which she partakes in 5 times a week, along with listening to music and reading.  She is a fan of the Netflix series Riverdale and Orange is the New Black, her favourite bands are The Neighbourhood and Florence and the Machine and her favourite film is Bridesmaids.  Surprisingly (to her friends) she enjoys travel, and one day hopes to become an air hostess or travel writer/photographer. As a teenager who is interested in all things politics and equality, she loves the fact that Everly Mag spread the empowerment of teens, letting them begin to believe that they can achieve the same things as adults, if not more.

Meet Izzy:


Izzy, 16, is a lover of reading, writing, and making music. She loves the connectivity and positive message Everly stands for. In the future she would love to work for the FBI, making the world a safer place.

Meet Sidney:


Sidney, 17, is from Utah and enjoys going on adventures, meeting new people, and volunteering at the Humane Society of Utah.   Some of her favorite books include information about healthy lifestyles, exercise, and nutrition, and she loves movies that remind her of childhood, such as High School Musical. A unique/fun fact about her is that she chooses to represent positivity by being the President of “Kindness Crew” at her school. Out of the many great things about Everly Mag, her favorite thing is the message it it portrays to society about positivity and individuality in girls and women. Sidney is an aspiring Registered Dietitian and will be attending Utah State in the fall to fulfill her career aspirations.

Social Media Leaders

Meet Alli:


Alli, 16, is from Alabama and spends most of her time crawling through school (hahaha) and working at Starbucks. In her free time, Alli loves playing soccer, working on her videography and hanging out with her friends and family. One of Alli’s favorite hobbies is traveling. So far, she has been to 3 continents: North America, Australia and Europe, and is already planning a trip to her fourth, South America. Her all-time favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls, but she also loves Riverdale, Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. Music is amazing, but Alli can never pick a favorite artist. Meghan Trainor really gets her going at the gym, Taylor Swift leads her late night jam sessions, Ben Rector is perfect while working on homework and Spotify’s “Songs to Sing in the Shower” is the bomb for, well, singing in the shower, and also like every time of every day. Alli loves being an Everly Mag ambassador because she gets to encourage others and spread positivity around. Everly Mag helps find bright role models and friends in this often dark world.

Meet Reagan:


Reagan, 13, loves to act, sing, and dance.  She enjoys helping out in her community and she often donates to her local food shelters.  Born and raised in Connecticut, she played two seasons of soccer a year and has been regularly doing dance for 11 years. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, because its message is very powerful. Her favorite TV Shows are American Horror Story and Friends.  Reagan loves how Everly Mag spreads positivity and shows others how to be optimistic, and gets teens’ opinions on topics that adults would mostly have their say on. She wants to grow up to be a singer or actress and live out her passion.  She also loves to spend time with family and friends and make special memories. Overall, Reagan is passionate about the things she loves to do.

Meet Molly:


Molly, 15, is a public speaker, writer and activist. She hails from North Carolina and spends her time working on school work, advocating for multiple issues, and reading. Her favorite book is All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and her favorite TV show is Criminal Minds. She loves that Everly Mag spreads a message of kindness and positivity. In the world today, there’s not much kindness around us and we need organizations like Everly to promote being positive. Molly loves giving talks and speeches, and when she grows up she wants to be a writer and public speaker.

Meet Mackenzy:


Mackenzy, 14, is from Kentucky and loves to spread positivity throughout the world.  Her favorite things to do are hang out with her friends and help out with animals.  Her favorite movie is A Wrinkle in Time, her favorite TV show is Andi Mack, and her favorite book is The Friend That Followed Me Home. Mackenzy loves that Everly Mag helps spread positivity all over the world and inspires teens and tweens to follow their dreams and spread positivity to others. Mackenzy dreams of being an actor and her favorite animal is a sea turtle.

Meet Ciara:


Ciara, 18, is from England and has a passion for all things creative.  She’s got a few different ideas of what she wants to do when she’s older, including digital media production, archaeology, and even wildlife conservation. In her spare time, Ciara loves kickboxing, making pancakes, and chilling with friends. Her favorite thing about Everly Mag is the opportunity it’s given young people to use their voice to spread positivity and inspiring messages! Her favorite tv show is Friends and her favorite book is The Start of Me and You (it’s really good – read it!). Ciara’s dream is to travel the world to help endangered animals and create videos to inspire other people!

Meet Lauren:


Lauren, 15, is an aspiring social media influencer from Scotland.  Her favorite things to do are sing, make Musical.lys, spend time with family and friends, and watch Netflix.  Her favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries and her favorite book at the moment is Waiting for a Callback.  Lauren loves how Everly Mag involves young people and helps inspire them to chase their dreams.  Growing up, Lauren always wanted to be a singer, but most recently she has decided that her career after leaving school will be a mental health nurse.  She feels that this would be a perfect job for her, as she loves to help people!  Lauren’s dream is to live in Melbourne, Australia one day.

Meet Sophi:

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.01.30 PM

Sophi, 15, is from New York.  Her favorite things include: playing with her dogs (she has three), reading Everly Mag articles, and learning new languages (she is currently learning Spanish and American Sign Language). Sophi’s favorite book is a tie between the entire Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare and Paper Towns by John Green. Her favorite movies are Wonder and It. Sophi’s favorite TV shows are Shadowhunters (based on Mortal Instrument series) and Supernatural. Her favorite thing about Everly Mag is the Ambassador Program! In her two months in the program, she has been able to meet other ambassadors and be given other leadership/ambassador opportunities! When Sophi grows up, she hopes to be either a sign language interpreter or an entrepreneur. A fun fact about Sophi is she has 7+ pets: three dogs, one cat, one bearded dragon and lots of fish!

Meet Shaina:


Shaina, 13, is from England.  Her favorite things to do are act, sing, play the piano, and watch Netflix.   Her favorite book is The Hate U Give. Her favorite movies are Wonder, The Book Of Henry, Coco, Jumanji and IT. Her favorite shows are Scream Queens, Stranger Things, Alexa and Katie, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Riverdale. What she loves about Everly Mag is the whole message of it, to help spread positivity on and off social media and make it a better place for everyone. When she grows up, Shaina wants to be a singer, actress and a positivity influencer.

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