YouTuber Spotlight: Sammy K

Meet Sammy K, a teen YouTuber and makeup artist, in our first 2019 social media spotlight. How did you start doing YouTube? “I started doing YouTube when I turned 13. I gave my parents a folder of videos I wanted to make, and they helped me start my channel.” The best part of YouTube? “The […]

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Letter from the Editor

The New Everly Mag

It’s been a minute. So hey, I’m Katherine, the founder of Everly Mag. I wanted to make this a YouTube video. But, no matter how hard I try, I am not meant to be a YouTuber, considering that I put off making a single video for over a year. (I have filmed many rough drafts, […]

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7 Fun Ways to Stay Active This Month

This essay was written by our summer Writing Intern, Kate. Working out can be a hassle as it is, and with the summer heat, getting up to go to the gym or go on a run can feel like a gargantuan task. Slogging away on a treadmill or elliptical machine is probably the last thing […]

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Learn to Love Being Alone

This article was written by Everly Mag intern, Londyn. Sometimes I really think I need a break from others and I like to do things alone. When I was younger, I always thought it was weird when I saw people doing things alone, but now I understand. I really value my time alone, and just […]

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Greg Marks Talks About His Music and His Role in Chicken Girls

Greg Marks is an upcoming musician who also plays the character Henry on the Brat web series Chicken Girls Everly Mag talked to Greg all about his music, Chicken Girls, and his experience on social media.   Everly Mag: Tell us a little about your background.  How did you get started in music and acting?  How did […]

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Review: A Girl Named Jo

This review was written by Everly Mag intern Bridget. The online production company Brat is famous for their shows featuring young actors, YouTubers, and other influencers. All of their series are posted online on their YouTube channel to watch for free. You have probably heard of some of their extremely popular shows such as “Chicken […]

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5 Amazingly Convenient Online Shopping Apps

This article was written by Everly Mag Intern Bridget. I don’t know about you, but online shopping (even if I don’t end up buying anything in my cart) is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Recently as I have been traveling and spending more time on my phone and less on my computer, I have started […]

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Hamilton: Why We Need to Tell Our Stories

This article was written by our Everly Mag Intern, Connor Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR HAMILTON AHEAD! When Lin Manuel Miranda first saw the musical Rent, “a light bulb went off [in his head] and it was like ‘oh, you can write a musical that’s about you, about your life.’” That’s exactly what he set out to do with his first […]

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Contributor Post

5 Reasons You Should Study Abroad in College

This article was written by our Everly Mag intern, Bridget. If you are considering studying abroad during your college years and have the means to do so, I would definitely suggest it. College is the perfect time to travel where it won’t be interfering with work and you won’t be spending an exorbitant amount of money. […]

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