Review: A Girl Named Jo

This review was written by Everly Mag intern Bridget. The online production company Brat is famous for their shows featuring young actors, YouTubers, and other influencers. All of their series are posted online on their YouTube channel to watch for free. You have probably heard of some of their extremely popular shows such as “Chicken […]

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How to Avoid Senioritis in High School

This article was written by Everly Mag Intern Bridget. As I enter my senior year of college and reflect on my years of schooling, I remember that feeling of dread I felt each year as the summer came to a close. By my senior year of high school I was so mentally drained from school and […]

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5 Lessons I Learned From Freshman Year

This article was written by our Everly Mag Intern, Connor. It’s no secret that freshman year is a daunting time in anyone’s life. Whether it’s high school or college, freshman year means that you’ll likely be starting at a new school, maybe even with a whole new set of people. Having finished my Freshman year, […]

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What Makes You Beautiful?

This essay was written by our summer Writing Intern, Kate. One of the most devastating insults I have ever received came from a cute little eight-year-old at summer camp. My friends and I were in that awkward pre-teen stage of being just too old to be cute and still too young to be “big kids”, […]

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The Ins and Outs of High School Friendships

This article was written by Everly Mag Intern Bridget. Building and maintaining friendships can be some of the most stressful but also the most rewarding parts of being a teenager in High School . Your friends will likely change at least a little bit over the four years and that’s completely okay! As someone who has […]

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Real Teens Talk

Real Teens Talk: Pressure

In response to our recent writer essays on the pressures facing teens today, we asked the Everly Mag Instagram community to answer the question: What is the biggest pressure facing teens today? “I think the biggest pressure is to look perfect.  Skinny waist, small stomach, small thighs.  Everyone wants to have a Barbie doll figure.” […]

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Tips For Finding Your First Job

This article was written by our Everly Mag Intern, Rachael.  Get to know Rachael and our other interns here! There’s some point in your life that you decide you need to find a job. It could be after the announcement of a new Beyoncé tour or maybe it’s when you decide to get a head start on […]

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5 Ways to Make and Save Money This Summer

This article was written by Everly Mag Intern Bridget. Summer is coming up fast, or for some of us its already here! Without homework, exams and extracurricular activities looming overhead, summer means plenty of time for relaxing and doing fun activities. But summer activities can be expensive! Here are five easy ways that you can […]

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Let’s Talk About 13 Reasons Why

Trigger Warning:This article, and the links embedded within, discuss teen suicide, gun violence, assault, bullying, mental health, and mature topics.  Not recommended for anyone under 16; all should read with discretion.  Connect with a trusted adult and call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are struggling or experiencing any distress.  The Netflix series 13 […]

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How To Narrow Your List of Possible Career Fields

This article was written by our Everly Mag Intern, Rachael.  Get to know Rachael and our other interns here! It feels like people always ask us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When we were in kindergarten, the answer was something like “a firefighter” or “a writer.” But many times these answers change […]

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