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Learn to Love Being Alone

This article was written by Everly Mag intern, Londyn. Sometimes I really think I need a break from others and I like to do things alone. When I was younger, I always thought it was weird when I saw people doing things alone, but now I understand. I really value my time alone, and just […]

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5 Ways To Love Yourself During Bikini Season

This article was written by our summer writing intern, Kate. While summer brings with it the undoubted bonuses of warm weather, more free time, and lots of amazing fruits and vegetables finally coming in season, it also heralds the anxiety-inducing time known as “bikini season”. Simply googling the words “bikini body” will retrieve nearly 700 […]

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Real Teens Talk

Real Teens Talk: Pressure

In response to our recent writer essays on the pressures facing teens today, we asked the Everly Mag Instagram community to answer the question: What is the biggest pressure facing teens today? “I think the biggest pressure is to look perfect.  Skinny waist, small stomach, small thighs.  Everyone wants to have a Barbie doll figure.” […]

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Interview: Influencer Contest Winner Trinity

Get to know one of Everly Mag’s aspiring influencer contest winners, Trinity!   Trinity, 15, hails from Canada.  She’s passionate about school, her dog, and her friends and family – all the things she couldn’t live without.  Her world revolves around taking her dog out, hanging out with friends and family, and going to school.  She […]

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Contributor Post

How Self-Care Helped Me Take Control of my Mental Health

This article was written by one of our teen writing contributors, Jessica.  Want to contribute a guest post to Everly Mag?  Write us an email and pitch your idea here! If you are anything like me, self-care is not on your list of priorities; but it should be. As teens especially, we are constantly trying to find […]

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